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Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide


Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide


Nowadays you can see almost everyone is suffering from some health related issues. There was a time when only actors and models used to maintain their great physique, but now everyone is very much conscious about their health and fitness as there are many benefits of it. Kayla Itsines provides you to gain more fitness than ever and for this, you don’t have to go to the traditional gyms as you can do this in your home without any difficulties. If you read the different Kayla Itsines review, then you will find that, if you can practice these workouts regularly, then along with your fitness your immunity will also increase and so you will not suffer from any disease. Again if you have a great figure, then obviously everyone will praise that, and you will also enjoy that, and this is how you will always be very happy which in turn will give you mental fitness also. 

Who is Kayla Itsines?

Kayla Itsines is a woman of 24 years and also an instructor for different types of training, workouts, and exercises. She is from Adelaide in Australia, and she trained herself as a personal trainer in 2008 from the Australian Institute of Fitness. After several studies, she opened her own center for training where she started giving every woman different combination of workouts and training according to their health. After that she wanted to convey her suggestions all over the world, and so she did it through different social media and now her Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is one of the world’s largest fitness communities. She also developed an app for this guide named as BBG workout. 

What is bbg workout?

BBG is nothing but the abbreviation of the word Bikini Body Guide. This guide e-book was released on 2014 and contains different types of training and one has to give only 28 minutes in a day for 12 weeks to see the result. It basically contains different resistance workouts and also a content through which you will know the educational part of the fitness. But after November 2015 this has changed and now you can also find it in the Sweat with Kayla app. Besides the different types of workouts, you can also find a proper diet plan in this Kayla Itsines PDF ebook. Again if you follow this Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide book for your fitness, then there is no need to go to the gym every day wasting lots of your hard earning money as here you just have to subscribe with a very nominal amount per month. 

What diet it includes?

If you read Kayla Itsines Review, then you will find that if you want a bikini shaped body then besides doing different exercises you have to maintain a proper diet which will help you to cut down the extra fat of your body. For this, you have to consume different types of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals every day. 

In a BBG diet, carbohydrate is the most important part as it helps to create a lot of energy by giving a proper amount of fibers, vitamin B and also other important nutrients. One must consume rice and oats as they are very helpful to create energy for daily activities. 

If you want to maintain your diet properly, then you must eat different types of fruits daily after a heavy meal. These contain different fibers and minerals like potassium, iron, calcium, etc. Again, you must avoid the fruit juices because these do not contain any fibers which actually help in the circulation of blood in our body.

For different vitamins and minerals you should always consume some vegetables and these also supplies different amino acids in our body.

If you want to consume protein, then you should have some red meats in your BBG diet. The egg is one of the best sources of consuming protein.

Again milk products also help a lot to maintain the calcium and iron level in our body. So you should have these in your diet plan also.

How is it useful?

This BBG workout guide has some really great features which are very much helpful to get a healthy body, but you should be very much consistent with the Kayla Itsines workout and diet plans to see the best result.

Most of the people give up their training after several weeks as they find it boring. But here you will not get bored because in Kayla Itsines PDF ebook you will find different exercises for every week and thus it will help you to stay much more focused. Again you don’t have to wait a long time to see your progress as here you will able to see it weekly. Here you need very minimum equipment and this book also provides a diet chart.

Who is the bbg guide meant for?

If you want a bikini body, then you should follow this book and here you will find exercises according to your figure. Again if you want to participate in any global fitness competitions, then you can obviously follow the instructions of the book. If you want to see your continuous improvement, then also this Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide helps you a lot.

Getting the e-book:

If you want to follow the Kayla Itsines workout program, then you should buy this BBG workout guide which is available on the internet, or you can directly buy all the e-books from the site of Kayla Itsines. The price of the each book is about 69.97 USD, and if you purchase all the bundles together, then you can save 19 USD. These books contain 279 pages, and you will get the workout plan of 12 weeks. Again you will also get different cardio training and a diet plan of 14 days.


Finally whenever you want to achieve something you must be dedicated to that thing. Likewise, you will have to keep your patience throughout these 12 weeks to see your improvement, and you should not give up in the middle of the process. You should not eat anything which can cause problems in your diet chart. If you follow all of these, you can be sure that you will look beautiful in a bikini after the 12 weeks.


Whether you have already embarked on a personal journey to fitness or you have just decided that getting fit is something you want to do, you can probably use some advice on the subject. A few quick fitness tips - like the ones below - can help jump-start the beginning of a great fitness routine or add variety to a well-established one.

One way you can keep your fitness level up while on the go is to work your stomach out while driving. Simply tensing your stomach muscles for five count then relaxing, multiple times over the course of your commute will not only make the time pass quicker, but will help to tone that stomach in otherwise wasted time.

A great way to help you get fit is to find a workout buddy. Workout buddies are great because they can lend you motivation when you need it and they can spot you when you're lifting weights. If you're going to be lifting heavy weights, a workout partner is strongly recommended.

Kayla ItsinesRunning is one of the best forms of exercise you can do to get into shape. Try your best to at least attempt a jog every other day or so. You can slowly increase your pace and before you know it, you're burning a lot of calories. When it comes to running it's all a mind-set, so get your mind strong and your body will follow.

Exercise at home. Choosing to exercise at home you will be more apt to follow-through on your exercise routine. You won't have to waste time driving to the gym, parking, or wait on the equipment you want to use. Working out at home will also save you money.

To get a better looking back, you should focus on all four of its muscle groups. Exercises like forward back bends and power shrugs will improve the look of your upper back, while leg lifts and back crunches are great for the lower half. Working out your whole back assures that you'll be able to see the results of all your hard work.

Buy several sets of exercise clothes making sure one item matches all of the rest. Why spend time searching through your closet and drawers for something that matches when you could be using that time to exercise? No one really cares what you are wearing so base your exercise clothing choices on convenience rather than vanity.

Walk for about half an hour a few times a week. This will increase your bone density, which makes bearing weight easier. That's helpful for anyone who has to lift things on a regular basis, as well as anyone who has started training with weights. Older people can benefit from greater bone density as well.

To achieve the best workout, choose clothes that feel comfortable to wear. You make feel pressured to wear fashionable clothing at a gym, but do not give in. Don clothes which allow you freedom of movement, but don't make you feel self-conscious. If you wear the proper clothes for you, you won't be distracted from your fitness routine by concern over your appearance.

If you are having a hard time fitting in a workout, set up a time to get in some exercise and stick with it. Even if you only have a few minutes to commit to it, you will feel better knowing that you stuck to your guns and got some exercise.

Climbing is a great exercise. If you have the right shoes, it will make it more efficient. Your climbing shoes should fit your bare feet tightly, allow you to stand, but not walk very comfortably. These tight shoes will give you control over your climbing and allow you to better use your leg muscles.

Running hills is great exercise, but can sometimes be cumbersome. You can make it a little easier. While running up the hill, focus your eyes on the top of the hill and keep your head up. This will make it easier to breathe by opening up your airways.

One thing most good fitness regimens have in common is personalization. You need a fitness routine that works for you, not a stringent course you must follow exactly. A flexible routine like Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide can easily incorporate the new fitness ideas you pick up, and new ideas can keep anyone's fitness program from getting stale.